Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey y'all (yeah, I've started saying that! It sucks ha),
So, here's my update for week six! It's been a great week with a lot of awesome things happening. For example... I SET MY FIRST PERSON TO BAPTISM - YEAH MONEY! Her name is Barbara and she is getting baptized on the 22nd September. Please pray for her! She is an amazing lady who is applying a lot of faith in this decision to follow Jesus Christ - she's quitting smoking and doing really well so we're really proud of her! She has a great love for this Gospel and it's humbling to see her willingness to sacrifice so much to do what she feels is right - it's a testimony to me of the converting power of the Holy Ghost. In the last week, we've really noticed a change in her - she is more positive about her future and excited to share the truth with her friends (we're actually teaching a girl called Britney because of her!). It's fantastic to watch how our message can give someone hope - that's why I'm here after all!
We've been incredibly busy this past week - we got the highest amount of lessons that the ward has seen for years so we're happy! In fact, we got 100% member attendance for each lesson which is a straight-up miracle ha! We're really grateful for the members in this area - already, I consider them my family! I love going to church on a Sunday, just because it means I get to see them (and no-one will slam a door in your face either!).
Our referral scheme is going great - we've met a great young man called Ian through it and he seems really interested in our message. He came to YM's on Wednesday and loved getting to know some of the priests and wants us to teach him! We will happily oblige ha! We've coupled that scheme with 'Saturday Soccer' (the name wasn't my idea, I promise!) which is the exact same thing we did back in Haywards Heath! It's great for two reasons - one, we get to meet some real cool guys and two, I'm actually pretty decent for once ha! And they say miracles don't happen?!  Anyway, it's going great here with the youth - Elder Bernfeld and I feel prompted that the youth is where the growth of the ward will come from and, so far, it seems that that's the case.
As for Brendan (or Subway Guy) - we had out first lesson with him on Tuesday and it went really well. I really felt the Spirit as we read the First Vision together, especially as I considered what that meant to me. Y'see, it's important that we understand that the First Vision enabled the Restoration of Christ's church on the Earth to occur and it highlights some key doctrinal clarifications. BUT, it's meaning is a much deeper than simply that.
It comes down to this - because God answered Joseph's prayer, He WILL answer yours. That is a fact. And if God will answer your prayers, it means that we are able to receive revelation or direction from God Himself. What a powerful thing! We never need to feel alone, lost or confused because God can and will listen to us and then He will reply! Consider that and apply it to your life - it will improve it, I promise!
There's been a lot more that has happened but I'll leave that for another time - have a great week and pray for us!
Love Elder Pelham

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