Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Okay, first things first... Barbara's baptism!
This was my journal entry: 'Now... let's talk about Barbara's baptism! It was CELESTIAL :D The Spirit was intense throughout the entire service and you could see how that affected her - she couldn't stop smiling. How humbling it is to think that I played a small part in helping her feel that joy! I love my job ha! It strengthened my testimony of how our baptism's are not a 'one-time' event - I felt the Spirit purify me of my pride, my anger and my doubt yesterday as I watched Barbara take upon her the name of her Saviour'.
This week has been exceptional... I have really had some amazing experiences! For example, last week was really tough for Elder Bernfeld's and I companionship... lets just say, my biggest trial so far has been being patient ha! Anyway, this week has been interesting and has really shown me that this is God's work, not mine. It's been tough as Elder Bernfeld's moods have a direct effect on our ability to work and, this week, there's been several times we've had to stay in the apartment because he isn't 'feeling good today' - BUT, here's what I'm learning! I seek out the Spirit before I say anything and then I pray for love (see Moroni 7:48) and then, depending on the answer I receive, we plan our day around his mood. And, here's the miracle... despite spending a substantial amount of time at the house, we STILL hit our goals this week! It's been amazing to see because I'm learning that, if we strive to have the 'pure love of Christ' and even if that means wasting time, He will bless us with success... in fact, I think it enhances our success because it encourages humility and seeking out revelation! I LOVE THIS WORK - MY JOB IS AMAZING HA!
We've also has some amazing lessons - we're still teaching Christian, who's wife is a reactivating member! He's solid! Anyway, we asked them to read Lehi's Vision (1 Nephi 8) as a couple between our last two lessons and, surprisingly, they did it!!! Then we went through it with them and here's the cool thing... as we spoke about the fruit which was 'exceedingly sweet to the taste', we asked what he thought the fruit meant. He talked about peace and love and fulfillment in this life. And then, I asked 'Christian, is this what you want in your life?'! And without hesitation, he looked me in the eye and said 'of course!'... That sounds small but it is in fact exceptional! Five weeks ago, he didn't care about what we had to say and talked about how it wasn't important if there was a God or not. On Thursday, he shared how he hungered and thirsted for the fruits that Jesus Christ's teachings bring... what an amazing change! The Lord truly will soften the heart of his children!
We've also taught a pastor this week and several young women (the accent definitely helps ha!) and, each time, I've really felt like a missionary! I can see myself changing and it excites me... I'm becoming a missionary! The things missionaries do are changing from 'just because' into who I am... it's natural to talk to a random person on the street and invite them to come to church or to hear our message! I love that... I'm becoming who Christ wants me to be :)
I've had some cool insights in study this week as well that I feel prompted to share. Firstly: 'faith is the response to truth'. Secondly, 'how often do we smile because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?'. And three, faith is more than believing in God and His plan... it is remaining loyal to the promises we make. Thus, when we are 'faithful (or full of faith) to our covenants, we are showing God that we trust him!
I love this Church - it can and will change a willing heart and an open mind. All can know of the truth of the things we teach... Just put it to the test and 'read,ponder and pray'. Thank you all for the good you do in this world... God recognizes it and He will bless you! Just trust in Him and it will be okay,
Love Elder Pelham xx

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