Saturday, 1 December 2012


Week Seventeen?! Man, this is flying by!
I hope you can hear the difference in me now... I'm 19 after all! That makes me just about old enough to serve a mission ha! This has been a great week with a lot of fun... it was my birthday on Wednesday (or as the other missionaries called it 'my first REAL American birthday'!), my first Thanksgiving on Thursday (it's basically Christmas without the presents - we had THREE dinners!) and every day is amazing as a servant of God! My companion, Elder Jensen, is a very funny guy - he's always got something smart to say which I love! We've got a new 'teaching' thing which is to take people out to ice cream.. believe it or not, it's successful!
How can I sum up this week? If I'm honest, it's all been a blur! Right now, my main focus has to be on refining myself - I got a little content and let silly little habits creep in but, thanks to good friends who aren't afraid to enourage me to improve, I'm repenting and going back to the basics! We have a 14 year old named Rhett who will be baptized on the 22nd December which we're really excited about... he's a great example of real growth or fulfilling the potential God intends for us! I'm excited to see the influence the Holy Ghost will have on him... it really does change lives!
I'm sorry it's so short this week... I will try harder to make time next week! Just know that I love you all and I feel your prayers strengthening me! I am becoming stronger as I learn to give it ALL up to God... after all, 'we make quite a team' <3

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