Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Well, another week in Poquoson... I LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH! We have been busy - since being called as district leader, I've been on an exchange with other missionaries at least once a week so I've been all over the zone! It's good fun though - we have been blessed with some of the best missionaries in the mission and it's a great opportunity to learn from them! It's crazy because we're all so young YET the work we're doing is incredibly intense... thanks goodness for prayer huh?!
In fact, this had been the busiest transfer of my mission so far by a mile! I don't think I've sat down for five weeks ha! It's been a blessing though - I'm growing a lot and, for the first time, I'm able to be the one giving help rather than being on the receiving end! It's also helped me to lose myself in the work - I'm definitely a full-time missionary now... I'm exhausted when I go to bed and shattered when I wake up at 6.30am! You're gonna have to let me rest for a few days by the end ;)
Despite the heavy workload, I'm still having fun! I appreciate the little things a lot more these days... hopefully that will come across in the pictures of Elder Stika (he's a greenie from the NN3 branch) and I from our exchange this week! I was just telling Fizzle about how close you become to those you serve with/around... they really do become your best friends! We have fun, whether it's in little Private jokes or dancing to crappy music in between meetings :)
So, an update on the area - we have 18 LESSONS PLANNED THIS WEEK! It's pure craziness... when I arrived, the average was 2 and now it's 900% more! Isn't that crazy?! We are being blessed beyond belief here and I'm grateful for that! The change, I think, has come from one main thing: focusing EVERYTHING we do on the message of the Restoration and how we can allow that to change our lives! It's a powerful message that we have been called to share and I'm very grateful I get to be the one to share it right now! One miracle we've had is Fanny... she's from a part member family that missionaries have worked with for over a year! Her husband is less active but, over time, he's starting to come to church, little by little! And, sure enough, we've begun teaching Fanny and her daughter Aurelia! It's amazing to see, mostly because of how much we have grown to love them (they have been fantastic to me... my nickname is Princess is fact... that's another story...) and also, to feel the Spirit as we teach them about the Restoration and the First Vision! It's causing some big changes in their lives and, slowly, the Holy Ghost is testifying that what the missionaries share is true :) And I'm blessed enough to be able to witness that!
I also am grateful for my wonderful companion (and friend), Elder Ovard! He is one of the kindest people I know and he has definitely been very supportive and patient with me! It's funny how much you can grow to love someone but he is such a great example, it's difficult not to! Please keep him in your prayers... we need the energy to be able to handle all this work!
Anyway, I best be off - I love you all and am grateful for your prayers; they make a difference! Have a great week :)

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