Monday, 15 April 2013


Miracle time...
So, I went on an exchange this week with one of my MTC roommates (Elder Todd Fish... yes, we know it sounds like cod fish) in an area of Richmond called Manchester and had a really cool experience. Their area's been struggling a little bit recently and they've been tracting (aka. door to door) for weeks on end now so we decided prayerfully look through the area book and visit some former investigators. We chose some names and went to work...
Well, we try the first few people in our list and, of course, they're not at home! It's getting close to lunch but we decide to visit one more house 'just in case'. So, off we go and knock on the door, only to have a five year old answer the door in his 'Avengers' pants... not an everyday occurrence ha! He calls after his mum and we ask her if the people we were looking for still live there. She replies, 'nope, they're not here.... but, I'm a mormon'!
It turns out that she'd moved into the area two weeks ago and had been waiting to go to church after conference! That's the first miracle! Miracle two is that we felt inspired to ask how she was doing (not a courtesy 'how are you?' but out of genuine interest) and she just broke down... it turns out her mum had been rushed to hospital late the previous night and she was in despair - how could she deal with this on top of everything else?! Looking at this total stranger, Elder Fish and I were just filled with love as we realized God had sent us there to comfort this wonderful lady - we shared D&C 84:88 (thanks to Charlotte Warner for that one) and said a prayer. It's always amazing to see the change that occurs in the faces of those that feel the Spirit... her tears still stained her cheeks but, rather than a sign of despair, they displayed her renewed hope that 'everything would be okay'... that God hadn't sent angels with wings to 'bear her up' but two angels with funny accents and black tags that day!
As we were walking away, she told us that her partner was not a member but was VERY open to the church... could the missionaries come back and teach their family?! Isn't it amazing how everything falls into place sometimes? I know that is because of a loving Father who has the plan already in place! That day, we both received an answer and became answers to the prayers of His children!
I love my job ha! Thanks for your love and support... the work is good and I'm loving the growth in those we work with! Remember, the purpose of the Gospel is to 'transform common creatures into celestial citizens'... be changed!

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