Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Another week done out in the mission field... time is going by WAY too fast for me!
So, this blog is turning out to be more of a 'highlights showcase' for missionary work - we are being blessed like mad here in Poquoson and this week hasn't been any different! When/if work finally slows down, I will spend a little more time telling you about the area, mission life ect. But, for now, you'll have to put up with some more miracles... tough times or what?!
First bit of news... the legendary Brendan (or 'Subway Guy') has another baptism date. He was meant to be baptized on Saturday but, because of work, we haven't seen him for the last two/three weeks! But, after some perseverance, we finally got in contact with him and had a lesson with him on Thursday. We felt prompted to watch Elder Holland's talk from the latest General Conference (watch it - it's powerful stuff  https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2012/10/the-first-great-commandment?lang=eng) with him! So, he's never been to church but we got him to watch an Apostle (pretty cool huh?!). Anyway, as soon as the movie finishes, he says 'Well, Elders, I'm meant to be baptized in two days huh?'. We replied, 'Yes Brendan... actually, we wanted to talk about that...'. And he sits there, looks me straight in the eye and goes 'I'm ready... when can I get baptized?!'. We're shocked but we manage to invite him to pray right there to know which date to commit to. And he's halfway through the prayer when he stops and says 'I need to be baptized in the 23rd of November'! It was awesome... there's a change in him from before and there is a sense of commitment unlike last time! We're excited! He's an awesome guy... watch this space!
Second miracle: there's a part member family in the ward who we've been seeing pretty frequently the last two months or so. The father is less active (although he loves the church, reads the Book of Mormon daily and still pays tithing) and the wife has ALWAYS made it clear she didn't want to know about the church... she just likes having us over, that's all. We popped by on Thursday, just to see how they were. They told us about some crazy stuff happening at the time and basically vented for an hour. And then, out of nowhere, we begin teaching two separate lessons - I talk to the husband about coming on lessons with us (I have no idea where that came from?!) and Elder Bernfeld taught the wife about Joseph Smith and repentance. It was amazing... we both really felt the Spirit and felt led to say certain things! We committed them to receiving the lessons and to investigate the church!
There's a few others but I really wanted to focus on the ward for a moment. This ward is AMAZING! It is wonderful to feel so comfortable in a place after just seven weeks with them... we get fed every night and I love being with the members! There are several families who have really taken me in and adopted me as their 'little British orphan' ha! Take my birthday week for example... I have a party with two of my favourite families on the Monday, dinner with another on Tuesday, have two dinners on my birthday on Wednesday, Thanksgiving with another favourite on the Thursday, another party on the Friday and two awesome families on the Saturday and Sunday! In fact, several other members came up to me on Sunday and asked when they could see us for a birthday treat! I feel very loved here and I love them too... I have made friends for life in Poquoson and I thank Heavenly Father for sending me here! And yes, it helps that I'm English but I'm also being myself and I think they find that refreshing... I'm human and am not ashamed of that!
I love my mission... I still need prayers but I'm grateful to be here! I hope that you feel the Spirit when you read these blogs... I only have this opportunity because of the reality of the Gospel! It is true :)
Love Elder Pelham

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