Monday, 17 December 2012


Can I share two stories this week please?
Story one: we were in Walmart last Monday, doing our weekly shopping - we got to the checkout with all our stuff and the lady in front of us pointed out an elderly lady who was struggling with her shopping. So, off we go to help her (her name was Dixie Lang - she was 80ish and used to work for NASA when she turned 50) out to the car, all the time talking with her and asking about her life! Wow, she was a fascinating lady... just had a wonderful way about her! We put the shopping in, I took her by the arm and got her into the car and, as we were walking away, she said 'I'm a Christian y'know?'... we had a quick discussion with her about the Church and we felt really great - we felt like we'd been able to serve a lady!
Well, here's the best part... we went back to the checkout to get our shopping and the lady who was in front had paid for our shopping! We asked why and all she said was 'Merry Christmas - thank you for helping out that lady'! Talk about feeling humbled! It was amazing to see a complete stranger serving us... and yes, I may have had to fight back a few tears ha!
Story two: we have an elderly lady from Ireland that lives downstairs from us who is always friendly to us. Last week, she had a panic attack and had to be rushed to hospital! We were thinking of people to serve that day and she came into her minds so we got some cookies and a copy of the Book of Mormon (we chose a few scriptures about peace for her) and left it on her doorstep. About three days later, we got home late one night and there was our cookie box, a calender and a card on our doorstep... Christine had written us a card (even though she struggles to write) and asked if we could come by sometime and tell her more about the Book of Mormon! Miracle or what? :)
Sorry it's a short one this week... time flies in the mission field, especially on P-day ha! Anyway, I love you all... thanks for your constant support!

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