Monday, 17 December 2012


Today marks my 140th day away from home! Time is flying WAY too quickly... I have now served four and a half months in Poquoson and am loving every minute of it! I have made friends for life here and have been blessed to have met some of God's greatest children!
So, transfer news: I'm staying here for (at least) another six weeks :) Elder Jensen goes home tomorrow (I'm sad to see him go - I've really grown to appreciate him!) BUT I have a great new companion coming on Thursday! His name is Elder Ovard and he's been out for three months. I met him a few weeks ago in Richmond and he seems like a great missionary so I'm excited to learn from him!
This has been a weird six weeks... very humbling (I'm sure that will sum up every transfer - I've never struggled with pride eh?!) and, at points, extremely challenging but also very rewarding - I feel I've grown up a lot already :) I am now ready to apply humility and faith and let God take over more... I am only an instrument after all! We've seen a lot of progress in those we have been called to teach - in fact, we had 5 people we've been working with at church yesterday (a ward record in fact!).
This week has also been a great week - miracles as usual! My favourite one was on Saturday - we'd been walking around all day dropping off 'care packages' to some families who needed some TLC. It was getting dark and we were cold and tired and had to rush back across town to see Justin Aamondt open his mission call (Utah St George btw!). Well, there was no chance we'd make it on time so I said a quick prayer in my heart and, no jokes, thirty seconds later, a car pulls up and this couple offer to give us a ride ha! We managed to give them a card and share a little and make it to out appointment on time... so, the moral is that God will send taxis to His servants when they pray for them ha!
We also had a lot of people struggling this week - I don't know if you heard back home but there were some horrific shootings in the States and a lot of people have been really hurt by it! It happened on the day of the ward Christmas party and there was just this heavy feel in the air... lots of mothers mourning! I can't share many details but I felt very blessed to be able to use the Priesthood to offer service to some who were REALLY struggling! It made me appreciate the Atonement a lot more as I KNOW where those children have gone and I know it was only through Christ's sacrifice! It is true when we say the Jesus lives!
We're excited for this week - Rhett is getting baptized on Saturday (yay!)/ He's a real special kid... we have a lot of banter but we really do love him! Every once and a while, I catch the vision of him as a missionary.... that's what it's all about really! Baptism is simply a step back home :)
I love you all - hoorah for Israel :)

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