Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hey y'all,
So, this week has been transfers... that was a different experience! It was tough to say goodbye to Poquoson; I feel it's the place I grew from a boy to a man and those homes are the place where I found myself! There's a lot of people I love there and have become like family to me... I was blessed to see everyone I really needed to though and be able to share one last time with them! Can you remember how disappointed I was with Virginia?! Not anymore ha! Hopefully, we can all come out here some time... that way, you can love them all as much as I do! And I can't forget the missionaries down there... keep praying for them!

However, I'm so happy to be here in the Chippenham YSA Ward! I'm serving with Elder Dayton and Elder Drew (there was a last minute 'revealation' and a change of plans) and I love them already - they've both been out for over a year and their experience definitely makes me feel more comfortable! We're all very focused and have a desire to work until we drop... which is actually how the last four days have been ha! I just love them already :)
Yesterday was our first time at church and it's a different experience without screaming children ha! It will take a little time to get used to it I think but there's a lot of good people here... in fact, even though I've only been here for a week, I know most of the ward by name already! You know me... never been shy (just ask the librarian who gave me this card... I love talking to people!). We've also got some AMAZING investigators... in our first lesson together, we set this guy Jacob to a baptism date on the 27th April! He's a really cool guy... an artist who loves to have intelligent conversation :) It was cool to see how the Spirit helped the lesson flow, especially as it was the first time we all taught together!

We also tract very differently here... we did a lemonade stand for 4 hours on Saturday afternoon and I loved it! I don't think I've ever tracted so hard in my mission... I just wanted to talk to everyone! And the cool thing was that I could still be me - I think Dad would have been proud of some of my 'cheeky' comments ('you look thirsty after that bike ride... let me grab you a glass! I'll even pour it for you'). I'm excited to be stretched and adapt to a different type of missionary work! Although I know my purpose is the same as it was in Poquoson :)

Maybe the best thing about it is the truck though... I LOVE IT HA! I've been driving a lot these past few days and for long amount of times! It surprised me how quickly it all came back and yes, I'm being safe! It's just a stupid guy thing... I'll try and get a picture soon!

Last thing: our address is 11506 Clintwood Terrace, Midlothian, Virginia, 23112 :) I look forward to all the packages and letters ;)
Thanks for the support,
Love Elder Pelham

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